TYNAN Masterclass - Volume 1

TYNAN breaks down his two songs, "Something In The Water" & "Interdimensional"

Was It You Walkthrough

Au5, HALIENE & Matthew Steeper walks through their song, "Was It You"

Alien Weapon Walkthrough

Au5 walks through his sound design masterpiece, Alien Weapon.

Crywolf Masterclass

Learn How To Make 30 Songs In 30 Days With Crywolf's System For Creative Excavation.

The School of Bass

School of Bass

Serum Masterclass

Learn every single knob, button, menu and function inside of Serum, from the legend Au5 himself.

Xan Griffin - Zodiac Masterclass

Watch Xan Griffin breakdown 14 songs from his highly acclaimed album, "Zodiac".

Levitate Masterclass

Learn how to produce 4 profoundly complex songs, from Levitate himself.